Sunset Song or “I saw Agyness Deyn”

1-P1010287Sunset Song, the novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon is a story of a woman’s life and times in early 20th Century Scotland. It is regarded as almost symbolic of Scotland itself; hardship, grief, toil, dysfunctional family life and death. The good news for fans of the book is that it is being shot partly on location in the area of its setting. North Angus, Kincadineshire and Aberdeenshire all feature in the setting.  Agyness Deyn is cast as ‘Chris’ and the small town of Fettercairn is the backdrop to a lot of the shooting. 1-P1010299Travelling to Cairn ‘O Mount I was detoured by police round the town, but being curious, stopped for a quick look. Cameras on set while filming were banned, but I did manage a couple of quickies! (Unfortunately I couldn’t get one of Ms. Deyn)

The images do give some idea of how the town looked not so long ago.

1-P1010302 1-P1010298


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