Cuevas del Diablo, Alcala del Jucar, Spain

By the side of the gorge carved by the Rio Jucar, lies Alcala del Jucar. This pretty hillside pueblo clings to the precipice like a Scotsman with a five pound note. 1-P1000069The little town hides many charming attractions, all of which demand a visit. On a Parador-style tour this fits well travelling between Alarcon and Albacete. The river itself meanders an impressive 509 km winding past Cuenca on its way to the Mediterranean Sea.

Cutting through the rock the river bends and twists, secreting itself in ravines and gorges; occasionally splashing into view. 1-P1000067At the foot of the town is a weir which affords swimming for the brave and restful gardens. However, the main attraction here are the caves. 1-P1000058And three Euros to visit the Cueva del Diablo is money well spent. The cave is a big surprise seemingly cutting through the rock to the steep sides of the gorge. At the end of the cave is a bar, and a beer was included in the price! 1-P1000063

1-P1000066 The views from here are worth the money alone. In all, a pretty little town which repays the weary traveller who stops there.


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