Old Curiosity Shop

1-P1010028There aren’t too many old style shops left. Not in Dundee anyway. This little gem is one of the very few remaining. Over one hundred years old, the store moved here after the demolition of Hawkhill. the current owner has been in charge since ’94. from the outside it’s ramshackle, unloved, shabby.

1-P1000980Inside it becomes a wondrous cave of forgotten brands and incredibly useful products, coupled to a knowledgeable proprietor this is a handy local store.


The smells of a long gone era, paraffin, polish, wood stain, beeswax permeate the small area. It’s worth going for that alone. Next time I need hardware, guess where I’m headed?

1-P1000989 1-P1010011 1-P1010008


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