Carmona: a Parador in Three Images

Carmona is charming, ethereal, haunted. Charming in its the sleepy-natured way the town sits atop a ridge overlooking the Andalucian Plain, like a very contented cat. Ethereal in its timeless, other-worldy way: and is apparently the most haunted place in Spain!

This Parador is a particular favourite. Offering a cool, calm respite for guests away from the often blistering heat of the area. The beautiful pool, welcoming restaurant, bar and public areas make Carmona a perfect base for exploring Seville (40 minutes by bus from the town plaza) and Cordoba (an hour’s easy drive). A two or three day stay is ideal, which gives time to explore the area and Carmona itself: filled with Moorish, Roman and later Christian buildings, churches and antiquities.

Carmona Balcony

Parador de Carmona

Parador de Carmona


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