Family. Rituals. War.


Surely the ritual to end rituals. Every family has a shedload.

  • The tree has to come from “X” supplier.
  • It’s not allowed in the car, in case it ‘sheds’
  • Decoration of said tree done by females only
  • Getting tree straight: done by males only
  • Ditto any sawing required.
  • Cat banned, until tree decorated and fire lit.

Lady P at Xmas

  • Room made to look like latest magazine or TV Christmas image (Insert ‘The Lady’, ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Benefit’s Street’)
  • Champagne into fridge by 8pm
  • Mr Wallace the mysterious neighbour invited round. You won’t have a ‘Mr Wallace’, but you get the drift.
  • Fires lit, fakey reindeer out the loft and “Party Time!”
  • All of which takes us neatly to Christmas Eve. The next day is a whole new ball game 😦

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